Cannabis Retail Opening in Langley

Community Engagement Petition

There is a real sense of togetherness for Langley’s residents that helps bond the community together. It’s hard for the places where we grew up to maintain the feeling of being connected to one another, especially your neighbors, as populations grow. But Langley has managed to capture and hold tight the magic that makes the community so special, even as it continues to expand. That’s why one of the best things about Langley is the progressive attitude towards community building for the 21st century.

Langley knows that to keep the community growing in the right direction, its residents need good paying jobs. Especially ones that can keep them close to home, that offers great health benefits and a salary above the living wage.  Not only that, but it also needs to offer a chance for its residents to shop locally and help keep dollars earned around the community, spent in the community. It’s why the impending arrival of the first cannabis retailer has a lot of people – and businesses – getting excited!

This fall, Seed & Stone, is preparing to earn the approval of City Council to open the first commercial cannabis health and wellness shop in Langley. It has been a long time coming, and the community is ready. It’s not just about the high volume of taxes the store will be collecting for the community, it’s about additional benefits for other commercial ventures who will reap the rewards of having this new family business in Langley. Reports commissioned by small towns, all the way up to giant national research studies, consistently show rising property values and higher commercial investments and opportunities when cannabis retail comes to town.

It’s also not just about putting the black market out of business and reducing crime (which studies by the RCMP support). Cannabis retail consistently draws high volumes of pedestrians and cars to the area, there by increasing traffic to nearby businesses as well. Seed & Stone’s plan for unprecedented security envelop that will wrap the entire store, is being done under the guidance and recommendations of the RCMP. Studies also show the installation of increased security infrastructure, like 24-7 cameras and around-the-clock uniformed security patrols, have a huge deterrence on crime in the entire area. Crime consistently goes down, not up.

It’s important the elected officials know how Langley residents feel. They serve to look out for the best interests of the community and its residents. We want to help share the message that Langley’s residents are ready and waiting for the first cannabis retailer in their community. But Seed & Stone needs your help to do it!

Sign the petition above to let elected members council know that you’re joining the many other residents who live here, that want high paying jobs, good benefits and the chance to shop for their health and wellness needs at home.