Easy Home Improvements

Increasing the value of your home is one of the things that can simply be done by using these easy home improvements.

Small fixes around the house can have a huge effect on the number of offers and interest the house may get. Or instead of moving to another house, adding these easy home improvements can spice up some things.

It can save you the hassle of moving. Whatever the reasons you may have, let’s take a look at some home improvements.

Easy Home Improvements


This shouldn’t come as any surprise. The first thing that people do is paint a room to make it look brighter or just change the outlook of the room.

It is important that you choose the right colors for this task. Most people go with off shades of white or even a gray color.

To make a wall pop, pick a bold color to add a little character to the room. A bold color will typically be darker and could depend on your room accessories.

If you are stuck on picking a bold color, ask your local paint shop for some assistance and ask what are the hot colors trends for the year.

Colors change all the time and having the latest colors can have an impact on what accessories you buy (if you haven’t already bought them).

Check to see if your doors and baseboards are yellow, in older homes, these things are forgotten about.

An easy way to clean them up is to wipe them down and simply paint over them.


One of the easy home improvements is to change hardware finishings around your home.

Hardware finishes include kitchen cabinet knobs and handles, or take it one step forward and change the knobs on the door.

Don’t forget to mark with a pencil before you start drilling new holes.

Rule of thumb is to create a template that allows you to have all the same holes on all the cabinets. The last thing you want is to have the hardware not straight.

Switch Plates

Another type of hardware that is missed often is switch plate covers. When you are painting your house, these might have gotten a little paint on them, so now is probably the best time to replace them.

After years of abuse, turning lights on/off, these start to wear out. Not saying that they wouldn’t last a lifetime, but realistically, these can be changed quite easily.

Spice it up a little bit and have fun with switch plate covers. They can be decorated or just have simple white ones. You can also get metallic looking switch plate covers.


Pretty much any type of hardware in your house can be changed. Another great thing to change would be the faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms.

They are typically inexpensive and can change the look of the room.

Faucets also provide functionality as well, for instance, a newer kitchen faucet can have variation of water sprays.

People will notice this subtle but significant changes and appreciate the new outlook.

Programmable Thermostat

Most Americans are running an older version of thermostat that isn’t digital. The reason why you want to change your dial thermostat is it’ll help you save energy and money.

How? Well, it’s programmable as the heading states. It can be programmed to change the room temperature while you are away.

For instance, while you are at work, the heat doesn’t need to be on. Simply set a time for the thermostat to turn down the heat/AC while you are not at home and turn it back on before you arrive.

This way you can save money on your heating bill. Did you know that the annual energy bill for a typical single-family home is around $2,060 and 29% ($412) of that goes towards heating?

This install can be done within an hour and typically doesn’t require an electrician.

Clean Carpets

Over time, no matter how much you care for a carpet, it will eventually get dirty.

At this point, it is best to steam clean the carpet and the best part is, you can do this easy home improvement yourself.

The three advantages of cleaning your carpets by New York CBS.

Eliminated trapped pollutants:

A dirty carpet can retain several sources such as everyday dirt and dust, particle pollution, lead, cockroach allergens, and even pet dander.

Vacuuming and even walking on the carpets can release these toxins and contaminate the air you breathe.

Clear out dust mite infestations

Homeowners are not aware of infestations since the creatures are microscopic. This is impossible to see with the human eye and dust mites themselves aren’t allergens.

But can leave behind body fragments and feces which are allergens. These infestations are inhaled and can contribute to allergies.

Prevent mold growth

Depending on your area and humidity levels, dirty carpets are at a high risk when exposed to moisture. This moisture is what causes mold growth and can sink deep into carpets (no vacuum can get mold out).

Rather, carpet cleaners have high-powered drying tools that annihilate moisture and eliminate it by preventing mold growth.

Front Door

One of the last easy home improvements are to change/update the front door.

The first thing people when they look at a house is the curbside appeal and the front door. It’s also the first thing they interact with while coming into your home.

The easy thing to do would be just painting the front door. This could mean painting it the original color but if you want people to notice the change, try picking a different color.

Any color would work, bright or dark. Just get a paint pallet and try to match it up with your house. The very least, try matching your flower pots or lighting outside to match the new color door.

Also, another hardware item you can change since you’ll be working outside on the door would be changing the house numbers. A local hardware store will sell you new numbers, don’t go too fancy, just pick out something simple.

The new house address sign will pop out more, especially if the old ones are run down and don’t look nice anymore.

Kitchen Backsplash

Installing a kitchen backsplash can enhance the look of the kitchen. Homes that were built 20 years ago didn’t include a backsplash (it was rare).

For example, using a ceramic backsplash will make it easy to clean and maintain. Ever noticed the splashes you get on the walls while you are cooking your favorite meal?

So, instead of cleaning the walls near your stove, it’ll be easier to clean the ceramic backsplash by using hot water and a soft towel.

There are many designs and colors you can choose from. Make a bold statement or just go with something simple and elegant. The choices are endless.

Let us know what easy home improvements you plan on doing.