Retirement Communities BC:
Langley Neighbourhoods

Retirement Communities BC: As baby boomers grow older, so does the amount of seniors housing we need in BC. But seniors homes are not the only option available to those looking for retirement communities in BC. For those looking for a more independent and familiar living option, retiring might just require a quiet home in the right neighbourhood. Seniors housing in BC has lots of options available.

If you or someone close to you is thinking about retiring, read the rest of this blog to find out which Retirement Communities in BC you should consider, with a specific focus on Langley.

Retirement Communities BC

Retirement Communities BC

There are lots of nice neighbourhoods and seniors housing to consider when retirement becomes an option. A recent poll of Canada’s Best Places to Retire shows Nelson BC, Kingston ON, Joliette QC, and Victoria BC in the list of 10 top selected cities.

But what if you live in the Lower Mainland and don’t want to move far away from family and friends? Or you don’t have the energy to pick up and start life somewhere far away? Most seniors facing retirement want to get out of the hustle and bustle of busy cities, but don’t want to go so far that they feel cut off from their loved ones.

If this sounds like a familiar scenario… you should consider retirement in Langley BC!

Retiring in Langley BC

Retirement Communities BC

According to demographic information from Stats Canada in 2011, Langley had a combined population of nearly 10,000 seniors. Population in the area has increased since then, so the number of seniors, and seniors housing BC, has increased as well. A report by Team Play Consulting compiled this data on seniors aged 65+:


This data highlights how big the senior population is in Langley. Having retired peers that live nearby is very important when considering places to retire. The high density of seniors in these locations proves that the neighbourhoods have the services and amenities that retirees desire. Neighbourhoods in Langley feature lots of nearby amenities including community services, grocery stores, doctors, pharmacies, and easy access to public transit.

Retirement Homes Langley

Retirement Communities BC

Retirement homes are a good option for anyone that requires a care taker or has health concerns. Most retirement homes have assisted living options but seniors can move in without those costs as well. These homes are a great option if you enjoy being around peers and like the peace of mind of having help in-house.

There are plenty of Langley seniors homes to consider such as Langley Seniors Village, Chartwell Renaissance Retirement Residence, or Magnolia Garden. Langley Seniors Village offers assisted living care and is centrally located near lots of amenities like shopping, pharmacies, and banks.

For more information on retirement homes and seniors housing BC, other than Langley Seniors Village, check out SeniorHelp. Whether you’re looking for assisted living or in-home caregivers, you’ll find information about the best rated providers. Find alzheimer’s care homes, nursing homes, and retirement communities. Their directory provides detailed information on each facility. You can also check out this complete list of all Langley Retirement Homes for a better idea of your options.

If you don’t require assisted living services, and you are just looking for a nice neighbourhood to retire in, there are lots of houses for sale in Langley. This route just requires research into the Langely neighbourhoods themselves.

Retirement Neighbourhoods Langley

Retirement Communities BC

Features that make neighbourhoods great for retirement are nearby shopping, doctors, pharmacies, banks, community centres, and grocery stores. The atmosphere of the neighbourhood is also important. Most seniors are looking for a quiet, friendly, and safe community.

This list below outlines recommendations for Retirement Communities BC in Langley. The recommendations are based on senior population, geographic features, public transit, local services, and community amenities.

Retiring in Willoughby

Willoughby is located in North Langley. It is a small rural community south of Hwy 1. Local amenities include the Willoughby Community Centre, easy access to public transit, parks and lots of small shops.

Glover Road is one of Langley’s main streets and it’s great for a nice walk. It has grocery stores, antique stores, clothing, and more! 200 Street is a main hub for restaurant dining. It’s a multicultural area, featuring lots of authentic cuisine.

All of these factors make Willoughby one of the best places to retire in BC.

Retiring in Walnut Grove

One of the best places to retire in Langley is Walnut Grove. Walnut Grove is north of Willoughby and west of Fort Langley. It is a residential area with lot of quiet parks and green spaces.

It is a well developed area with lots of local shops and amenities. The neighbourhood includes a fire hall, ambulance service, 3 major grocery stores, a movie theatre, and several shopping plazas.

The Walnut Grove Community Centre offers a pool, sauna, steam room, fitness facility, cafe, and lots of community services and events.

Retiring in Fort Langley

Another BC retirement community is Fort Langley. This neighbourhood has historical significance to BC as one of the original trading posts for the Hudson Bay Company. Now it is a small Langley seniors village with colonial style buildings.

Glover Road also runs through Fort Langley and is notable for it’s tree lined streets and small businesses in the village centre.

The neighbourhood features a variety of art galleries, parks, trails, museums, restaurants, and shops. Since it’s located on the banks of the Fraser River, there are lots of beautiful views and relaxing areas.