Seed & Stone’s Langley Open House

It seems the old adage is true, “If you build it, they will come.” Only in this case, it’s community members with their support in tow. And Seed & Stone couldn’t be more honoured.

The best communities are made of people who talk to one another. Take an interest in what is going on in the neighbourhood and all around them. These were some of the amazing qualities on display when Seed & Stone recently held their Langley Township community Open House. It’s owner, Vikram Sachdeva threw open his doors to your ideas and input about how to make things better – even before it gets started!

Seed & Stone is working hard to open Langley Townships first cannabis retail store. But, like any good neighbour, before moving in, they wanted to sit and listen to what others had to say about his exciting new addition to the area. From residents to other local retailers, the turnout was continuous and so were the ideas and opinions. And there was one continuous theme throughout; we want it, we’re ready, so let’s make it happen together.

Some of the major topics people wanted to discuss included issues surrounding smoking, odors and adolescents. Even better, all the issues raised had ready-made solutions in hand to mitigate and problems from the start. What does it include? First and foremost – there is a zero tolerance policy for smoking on-site or outside. Smoking will not be allowed. Seed & Stone will be installing commercial grade filters to limit odors from onsite, like its vault. It won’t be opening jars near entrances or open windows. And speaking of windows, there is a special plan for those as well!

Seed & Stone plans to frost all windows, certainly not display any cannabis products in them and even remove the word “Cannabis” from all signage. This is about fitting comfortably, appropriately and professionally alongside the other business in the area.

A lot of people wanted to know what Seed & Stone was going to do to help with crime reduction. For Mr. Sachdeva, it goes beyond protecting his family’s store. He is committed to using his resources to help protect everyone in the community and other businesses.

A uniformed security guard will be hired by Seed & Stone to remain onsite during business hours. During off-hours uniformed security patrols will happen 10 times per night. This will help deter crime, loitering and vandalism. Not only that, but our uniformed presence will be a direct deterrent to minors, suspicious loitering or public intoxication. Something the nearby liquor store will not provide.

What humans don’t see, the installation of 18 state-of-the-art, digital security cameras surely will. New lighting will be installed in and around the store. Nothing and no one will have anywhere they can’t be seen by police. It’s because Seed & Stone has worked closely with the RCMP to implement a safe community plan under the federal agency’s guidance and leadership.

When it was all said and done, the community came with their support and left with a feeling of confidence that Seed & Stone will be a benefit for Langley Township and the people who live there.