Things to do in Downtown Langley

Come explore downtown Langley

Downtown Langley is surprisingly diverse and packed with over 500 shops. It showcases a pedestrian-friendly shopping area with free parking. If you are wanting to experience a cool, vintage, artsy style environment conveniently located, then downtown Langley will be the place to be.

Where exactly is it located?

Downtown Langley includes mostly everything in-between 200th st to the Langley Bypass. This several block wide section includes a mix of contemporary modern buildings nestled in historic landmarks.

Here are a few things to do in downtown Langley:

Summer Events

There are a bunch of summer-long events and festivals that are widely diverse and interesting. This year, the Mcburney Plaza Summer series includes everything from Sci-fi, sports, music, food and art all happening in the heart of downtown Langley.

Each event is broken down throughout summer and run exhibits and performances.

Specialty Ma & Pa shops

There are dozens of locally owned and operated stores that offer a bizarre mix of hand-made jewelry, fine art, clothing, housewares, furniture, and other completely unique products. There are retro candy stores, record stores, antique furniture stores. The place transports people into a kind of 50s-70s era that provides cheerful nostalgia.

Extremely Pedestrian Friendly

Downtown’s central location makes it easy for people to go for a stroll and relax. There isn’t the same sense of urgency and high-stress level that you may experience in downtown Vancouver. There is free parking and most stores are only a few feet apart making it fun to explore the hundreds of stores.

Year-round Festivals

Come by almost any time during the year and there will be festival underway. Downtown stores come together to host a multitude of festivals and events. The Christmas parade is famous for being elaborate, festive and everyone in the community comes out to enjoy.

Spot the Heritage Markers

Go out and hunt for 15 heritage signs located around downtown Langley. Each sign tells the story of the historic buildings. While your hunting for signs you will be able to see the five unique wooden statues that depict Langley’s rich history of its downtown core.

Enjoy Live Theater

During the sunny afternoons, enjoy a live Shakespeare performance in Douglas Park. This park is conveniently located in the heart of downtown. It is a nice place to stay after spending your day exploring the region.

Come explore Downtown Langley!

Downtown Langley a rare space that has something for everyone. For those of us that live near the region, it just makes sense for us to take a peek at what it can offer.