Top 10 Staging Tips To Sell Your Home


Did you know that a staged home can spend 83% less time on the market and having a staged home can provide an average ROI of 586%? This is because staged homes look more pleasant to the buyer.

Selling your home goes beyond just taking a picture and posting them on the listing. What people see in those images can determine if they want to come see an open house or make an appointment with the realtor.

Here are the top 10 staging tips:

1. Deep Clean

A deep clean means that you clean literally everything in the house. This includes baseboards, cabinets, floors and even washrooms. A first impression does matter and not having a clean house can make the buyer not want the house.

The only way to make this happen is if you actually try to clean the house and not keep putting it off. If you think this is too much of a task, hire a professional who can do this for you, especially if you have a larger home.

Priming and polishing the washrooms can go a long way. It can refresh the look of the washroom and look more appealing. Most people looking at the house are going to be opening up cabinetry, so clean out the junk in the cabinets as well.

Accessories should be changed like exhaust fan covers and making sure you dress up towels with luxury towels and toiletries. The rugs in the washroom should be replaced with a new rug to give it more of an appeal.

2. Depersonalize

This might be hard considering that you have a personal connection with objects and pictures hanging on the wall. If you have family pictures or portraits on the walls, take them down and add other pictures or artwork around your house.

If you don’t want to spend money on new ones, take them from other rooms and spread them around. Most people have too many pictures in one room.

If you have personal collections or awards, framed certificates or prized trophies – pack them up. A lot of people do not want to see clutter in the home because it makes it look smaller and looks unlivable.

Items that you are planning on getting rid of or throwing away (donating), why not do it now? Many people have an excuse that they will throw away stuff when they are moving or organize before they move.

This should be done before they move and can help make the house look more appealing and save you time when you do sell the house.

3. Paint

You will be surprised how much a fresh coat of paint can do. If your house is a little older, paint one side of the door and look at the other side once you are done.

You should notice a huge difference if you have never painted it before. This is one of the less costly things you can do to the house. As long as you know how to paint.

If you feel that you are not comfortable painting the house, it is recommended that you hire a professional. Having an improperly painted house can go against you even though you just applied a fresh coat of paint.

Experiment with different colors. A warm gray neutral color will make the house look more contemporary and appeal to a younger target market.

This color goes well with clean-lined furniture. Add a light green to a smaller room that is adjacent to the kitchen to make it look bigger.

This is because it would make it seem like it was one room to begin with. A light green color will reflect the color of nature.

4. Furniture Grouping

Many homes have furniture pushed against the walls to maximize the space. But don’t you realize that if you were to sit in the room and talk to the person on the other side that they may not be able to hear you?

It is important to move the furniture away from the wall and make it more conversation friendly. It will make the room look bigger and you will also be able to clean behind the sofas.

Play around with the format of the furniture until you notice a clear traffic flow of the room. It is important that people can walk around the furniture and are comfortable sitting down.

Think about when you have people over, would they notice the difference? Ask a few friends or family members to come over and get their opinion after you are done.

5. Lighting

Great lighting can make the home look more friendly and welcoming. Increasing the wattage of the bulbs to a total of 100 watts for every 50 square feet should be the rule of thumb.

Unscrew the bulbs currently installed around the house and on the side or top of the bulb it should have how many watts the bulb is.

Keep in mind there are three different types of lighting: task, ambient, and accent.

  • Task lighting: meant to be placed under-cabinet or used for reading
  • Ambient lighting: lighting that is overhead or general
  • Accent: placed on the wall and/or on a table

6. Transforming Rooms

Many people have a room in the house that is just used to collect all the stuff that you don’t want to throw away. Hopefully after the deep clean, you should have gotten rid of the stuff that you don’t need.

Now let’s figure out what to do with this space.

By adding in furniture that is too crowded in other parts of the house it can make the room look full and useful.

Try to add character to the room, add a table and a lamp to make it a study or the house command center.

Throw in a chair and a table to make it a reading area. Add in a fresh flower vase and some candles to add some character.

Staging the rooms will make the spaces in the house more usable and give ideas to potential buyer on what they can do with the extra space or how to utilize the space efficiently.

7. Kitchen Space

Depending on the demographics of your area and the ideal home buyer, the kitchen is rated highly important on the home buyers checklist.

Many older homes have darker, orange-reddish cabinetry that is unattractive to some new home buyers.

This depends on how much money you want to spend, but changing the cabinets to a white or off white color will make a big difference. White cabinets with the warm gray color talked about early will make your home look more contemporary.

This color is a lot more appealing to darker colors. If you do not have the budget to do this, you can change the cabinet doors and paint the rest of the cabinets the same color. Don’t forget to change the handles and knobs.

Next, would be updating your appliances. Many home buyers want a home that is ready to move in with minimal work needing to be done. This might mean spending some money and changing appliances to stainless steel appliances to make it look more appealing.

They will compliment the white cabinets. If this is out of your budget, some manufacturers allow you to change the face of the appliance and can make it look more updated. Search for the model of your appliances and contact the manufacturer.

Countertops should be refinished or changed to a simple granite or stone countertop. Do not install busy or completed countertops that might only appeal to a smaller target market.

If this is out of the budget don’t worry and work on figuring out ways to maximize counter space. Look at what you currently have on the counter and remove anything that you deem unnecessary.

When was the last time you used the salt shaker or those 5 jars in the corner next to the stove? Staging a home is done by removing all of this clutter and add only new and stylish kitchen items to display.

Add a fresh bouquet of flowers in the middle, add a few lemons next to the sink, and fresh fruit on the counters.

8. Colors

This is not about the paint colors you choose but the actual colors of the accessories. Staging the house with various different colored accessories can make it look more appealing.

This includes mixing and matching various items and displaying them on shelves and tables. Try using an odd number of different size items and shaped accessories and mash them together. Step back and take a look and see if it goes well, you will be quite surprised at the outcome.

Raiding the garden can be helpful in finding fresh flowers depending on the season. It will add splashes of colors in the fall and you can add holly branches for the chilly autumn season. These items can be put in places around the home and in the kitchen.

9. Inviting Atmosphere

Staging the home starts from the moment they step in the house or even when they park their car outside.

It is important to have curb appeal to the house so making sure the grass is cut and landscaping is done. Add fresh sod as needed.

It is important when staging the house that you power wash the walkways leading up to your house. First impressions do matter and making sure that house numbers are refreshed and easy to read from the road is important.

The front windows should be pressure washed as well and if your home has a front porch, it should be stained or repainted as needed.

As mentioned before, impressions are very important. The moment they step into your house make sure they have a good feeling.

Light a few candles and make sure that shoes and jackets are not all over the place. Put them in the closet and/or invest in a functional shoe rack that looks tidy.

Make sure the patio furniture is staged so it looks usable and make sure it is pressure washed.

Add a BBQ cover if you have an older BBQ and/or store the BBQ away (if it’s an older unit). Open up space and add new patio furniture as needed. A great way to add character to the house is to add outdoor lighting.

10. Repairs

The last thing you should do while staging your home is to finish any repairs that you might have started. A house will look out of place and incomplete if repairs are not finished or completed.

Inspect each room and open and close doors to make sure everything is in working condition.

Try to make the house a move in ready house unless you want to sell the house as a “fixer-upper.”

This all depends on the end goal but a “fixer-upper” will end up selling for less. It is worthwhile to make these fixes yourself and sell the house for more.